Login Instructions

In order to login to Update Scheduler, you will first need to determine the domain of your school's Schoology login portal. Your school will have you use one of three possible options:

  1. Login using Schoology's website: www.schoology.com or app.schoology.com
  2. Login using a custom subdomain, Example: fccps.schoology.com
  3. Login using a custom domain, Example: schoology.wintondrivedistrict.org

Picture examples of options 2 and 3 are shown below. The text in the black box/oval is what you will use in the following step. The red underline can help you identify which type of domain your school uses. If your school doesn't have a login portal or uses login with Google, simply check the URL on the recent activity page. If you are redirected to a page flagged as "insecure," you should double check the domain you used.

2. Custom Subdomain

Magnification of a custom subdomain for a Schoology login portal

3. Custom Domain

Magnification of a custom domain for a Schoology login portal

*If you use Schoology's website to login, leave the input blank.