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Persistent data

Update Scheduler seeks to inform all users of the specific Schoology related data accessed while using the service. The table below outlines a specific subset of a user's Schoology data that Update Scheduler stores in a persistent database for quick retrieval:

Property Name Property Purpose
User ID Identifies a Schoology user in the database
Username Used for identifying a user but was replaced with User ID
Email Considered for sending notifications about failed update posts, but is not currently used
Building ID Provides the school destination realm for updates
School ID Provides the district destination realm for updates
Time zone Offsets update scheduling times
Profile picture URL Displays the user's profile picture in the top right of the page

Temporary data

Other Schoology data is accessed by Update Scheduler on an as needed basis to allow for the site's function. The table below describes the different properties accessed by the site:

Property Name Property Purpose
Courses Listed in the realm choice section of the site
Groups Listed in the realm choice section of the site
Full user profile data Unused but is cached nonetheles

The difference between this type of data access and the persistent storage is that this data can change, so it is requested from Schoology when needed. For a short period of time after the data is requested, it may stick around in a temporary cache, but this cache is cleared periodically and is never interacted with directly.


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